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Why Familyes


Every content on Famillyes Network is safe for kids of all ages. You can find everything that can be of interest for any member of the family but always Family Friendly content. The content identification is very important for us.


Through Familyes, advertisers and media planners have the security that their brand or products will only be related to safe family content.


We represent content creators who are truly committed to family with a quality guarantee. We promote their visibility online and encourage collaborations with other partners who make up the Family Friendly Community.


Familyes is not just entertaiment, we collect educational content for all the family. In this line, we have videos focused on health, parenting, education, children’s music, cartoons, handcrafts, recipes, languages, pets... and much more.


Giving you all our support, expertise, formation, content identification, optimization, promotion, Rights management and Premium tools. All our partners always have all the control and ownership of their content.


If you have your own family friendly content, we can help you to improve, optimize and grow your brand and audience. We do not have any permanence clauses. All our partners can join and leave the Network whenever they want.

What we do

Familyes is a big YES to family, we are the most visited video platform on YouTube with only Family Friendly content. Familyes' quality stamp provides a guarantee that all videos are suitable for all members of the family. All Familyes' Partners are #isFamilyFriendly.

We are a global and multilingual platform with a billion video views and over one million subscribers. Our partners come from all over the world, and produce a variety of content in different languages, but always with a common point, the Family Friendly concept.

Global & multilingual

Join us

If you are a content creator or distributer of original, safe and quality contents suitables for the family and you would like to join the Familyes Network, please get in contact with us filling in our form.

Familyes is YouTube’s first Network dedicated exclusively to family friendly content, leader in audience within its sector worldwide. Familyes' quality stamp provides a guarantee that all videos are suitable for all members of the family. 

Ads on Familyes

If you are looking for Family content, Familyes is the platform you are looking for. With Familyes you have the security that your brand will only be related to content dedicated exclusively to all family members.

Familyes is a big YES to Family in YouTube. A Multilingual Network made exclusively by associated channels whose content has been identified by the quality seal #isFamilyFriendly.